Trainee Accountant

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Northern Ireland Audit Office


T: (028) 9025 1000


The NIAO is offering fixed term training contracts commencing September 2022, providing an attractive route to achieving Chartered Accountant status with Chartered Accountants Ireland.  

You will gain experience in Financial Audit and Public Reporting.  At first, you will be assisting more experienced staff with audits.  As your training progresses the principal duties and responsibilities will include: 

  • Developing and maintaining a sound working knowledge of audited bodies;
  • Building working relationships with colleagues and auditees, fostering confidence and creating a positive image of NIAO;
  • For relatively straight forward accounts preparing audit plans (this will include making recommendations on audit approach, assessing materiality and risk, identifying the need for the use of specialists, reliance on internal audit, and setting out timetables and staffing implications);
  • Carrying out planned audit tests under supervision;
  • Preparing documentation, e.g. recording the results of audit tests, writing up key audit findings and making recommendations for improvements that audited bodies could make;
  • Undertaking research, data analysis and document review;
  • Contributing to the drafting of reports on audit findings and recommendations; and
  • Maintaining good working relationships across the office.
  • Contract
  • NIAO
  • Closing date: Thursday 04 Nov 2021
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