Research Officer

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Middletown Centre for Autism


T: (0)28 3751 5750


Job Purpose:     Work with the Head of Research and Development to carry out the essential work of the Research and Information Service in Middletown Centre for Autism.

Main Duties:

•    Find and prepare articles for the Centre’s research bulletin.
•    Support the research team in the execution of research projects, preparing materials, data collection and analysis.
•    Supporting the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data collected from the Centre’s follow-up and training evaluation procedures. 
•    Evaluation of LSA Referral Programmes- (including N individual, ROI individual and Whole School.
•    Liaising with LSA regarding the research process, consent, and data collection process from Referral Programmes and the Autism Accreditation Award.
•    Retrieving and selecting appropriate information and inputting same.
•    The development and dissemination of individualised pre and post measures relating to Referral Programmes.
•    The inputting and quality control of Referral Programme data and evaluation and streamlining of research processes.
•    The analyses and evaluation and dissemination of Referral Programme data and Autism Accreditation Award data through comprehensive reports.
•    Selecting appropriate data for reports requested by SMT.
•    Liaising across departments to improve data collection methods and improve services provided.
•    Improving methods of including the voice of the child or young person.
•    Advising in regard to data collection methods for Whole School Programme.

As well as contributing to the following areas:

Managing Strategy / Policy
Managing Services, People & Resources
Analytical Research
Communication Strategy

  • Temporary
  • NI & ROI
  • Closing date: Monday 14 Dec 2020
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